How to seduce "professionals" (strippers, escorts, etc...)

How to seduce "professionals" (strippers, escorts, etc...)

If seduction were a video game, seducing a stripper or other “professional” would be like playing on hard mode. Strippers have the same emotions as regular women, but taken to the extreme at every level. All women want an alpha male that cannot be perturbed or thrown off of his mission, but strippers want their men to be extra bulletproof because their job is literally breaking men and hustling men out of their money. All women to some degree realize that they can manipulate men using their sexuality, but manipulating men using her sexuality is literally a stripper’s full time job. Most women are turned off by weak men who get overly emotionally invested in them but strippers have a million of these guys begging for their attention every day. Most men get jealous if they see their girl talk to another guy, but professionals literally spend all their working time being sexual with other guys.

If gaming strippers is so hard, why even bother? Well, most of you shouldn’t, because it is often more pain than it is worth, and your lifestyle and values will fundamentally conflict with hers.

But the upside is that if you can game a stripper, you can game almost anybody, just like you get stronger after lifting heavier weights. Shit tests from a stripper make shit tests from regular girls seem like nothing. Gaming strippers will teach you to make conversations sexual and not be afraid or in awe of women’s sexuality, reducing your friendzone rate. Strippers have also heard it all, so you will be forced to become much funnier and wittier.

There are a lot of other advantages of fucking or dating strippers. They are obviously more sexually open minded than other girls and are often a lot funnier and fun to hang around than regular girls. You can make some of the most extreme, craziest jokes around a stripper and she will laugh. Strippers also have interesting stories and an interesting view on the world. A lot of people think of strippers as “crazy,” and they are, but oftentimes they just represent an extreme version of what all women are, so they are good case study in psychology.

Unfortunately, it is true that many strippers are damaged emotionally. It’s sad to say, but most people with happy, healthy lives do not choose to become strippers. No matter how many feminist blogs try to act like selling your sexuality is “liberating” at the end of the day it is not fun to dance naked for old, nasty men. Many strippers try to ease the sadness of what they do with drugs and alcohol. And selling your sexuality and intimacy for money does some really harmful things to many girl’s emotions. Many strippers are emotionally cold and/or have trouble with intimacy.

The first section of this article outlines the theory behind gaming professionals, and the second section describes the practical steps.


Know the game

The most important thing about strippers is that you can’t bullshit them. They know the game better than anybody. Men are constantly trying to hustle them and they are constantly trying to hustle men. Because she lives in a world where everybody is a shark, she will not feel safe and protected by a guy who would get eaten by sharks. You must make it clear to the stripper that you understand the game, you can’t be shocked by the fucked up things people do (remember, strippers see everything), and you can’t be hustled, either by her or other guys.

Strippers don’t like being called strippers, so call them “dancers.” Show that you are familiar with her profession and that you are not a noob to her world. Don’t act shocked or suddenly interested when she tells you she is a stripper.

Many strippers also have a very cynical view of men and relationships because they see men at their worst every day. Many customers are cheating on their wives and girlfriends, acting creepy and aggressive, or just showing their weakest, most vulnerable sides. For these reasons, to get with a stripper, you must completely rely on touching her emotions because you will not be able to convince her that you are a “good guy.”

Dread game

Dread game is when you ignore a girl or talk to or fuck other girls to make her feel like you have other options and may walk away at any moment. We normally do not advocate dread game unless the girl ignores you or talks to other guys first. But for strippers, she is literally spending all her time being sexual with other guys, so dread game is not only appropriate, it’s necessary.

When you are out with her, feel free to talk to other girls, especially to show that you are not just some lonely guy who needs to go to strip clubs. When talking to her, feel free to tell her about other girls you are fucking. Normally this kind of talk hurts a girl’s feelings, but it can’t hurt a stripper’s feelings because she is literally doing the same thing.

And don’t let a stripper blackmail you into not talking to or fucking other girls. She is doing the same thing, so she is trying to create a double standard in the relationship, one where she has more power than you. You cannot give her that type of power. All women are attracted to men that have other options, but most women expect a man to be loyal once she commits to being loyal. So until a professional commits to being loyal to you, you should not feel pressured to be loyal to her.

I’m not saying you should spend all your time talking to other girls or inducing “dread” into the stripper. All I’m saying is that you shouldn’t be afraid of using dread game when necessary, because at least in this situation, strippers aren’t like other girls.

The high/low emotions

All women have 2 sets of emotions, which I call the “high” emotions and the “low” ones. The “low” emotions are the ones she can get from any guy, and they include sex, affection, compliments, companionship, etc… The “high” emotions are the ones that only confident “alpha” males can give them, and include confidence, dominance, resilience, etc… Strippers are constantly being fed the “low” emotions from their customers, so to stand out you need to provide the “high” emotions.

Know her insecurities

Judgmental People

Professionals are very insecure about their job because they know that society looks down on what they do, so never be judgmental. If you can show that you are not fazed by her job whatsoever, you have a huge advantage (this is part of understanding the game – make clear that you know she is just doing this to make money).

Lack of success

A lot of strippers are insecure that they are not as “successful” as they dream of being because they don’t have a “real” job that is respected by society. For this reason, strippers are attracted to ambitious and successful men because they represent an ideal the stripper is trying to reach. Of course, strippers meet successful guys all the time, but those guys usually immediately ruin their chances by acting beneath her. If you show to her that you are a genuinely motivated, hard-working, successful guy who doesn’t bend over for or get hustled by anybody, she will be attracted. Try to show her that you can be her link to the “respectable” world, but that link is tenuous so she needs to work hard to maintain it.


A lot of strippers suffer from low self-esteem because they think that men (all men, not just strip club customers) only care about them for their bodies and only talk to them to have sex with them. You will not be able to convince her otherwise, but you can stand out by talking about deep, intelligent things than her. A lot of strippers have intelligent thoughts about religion, society and relationships, but they never have an opportunity to express these ideas because the men they are around are fucking idiots who are only thinking about sex. If you can intelligently explore these topics with her, you will stand out. Get to know her and remember things about her.

A lot of strippers also feel like their innocence has been stolen from them and long to go back to the time when they were children and they weren’t judged and valued only by their sexuality. If you can create an environment where a stripper feels comfortable regressing back into a child, she will feel more comfortable around you. Take her to silly places like Chuck-E-Cheese or mini-golf. Have stupid debates about cartoon characters with her. Just generally act silly and childish.


Here are the actual steps that you need to take to meet and fuck a stripper:

Look unique

Strippers “profile” guys based on how much money they are likely to spend. Almost any stripper will tell you that a college kid wearing a beat up hat and new balances is just there to have fun and isn’t going to spend any money. On the other hand, a really ugly old guy that is dressed well is a gold mine to strippers. As for you – you need to be a character that she can’t figure out. I don’t mean show up wearing a chicken suit – instead, dress classy, but not like some typical character she can immediately “categorize” in her head.

Don’t be awed by her sexuality

When you walk in, don’t ogle her on stage or stare at her tits, or show that you can be manipulated by hot, naked girls. Her job is to reduce men to zombies who lose control of themselves when they see tits, so you have to show her that you are not one of those guys. Don’t go on about how hot she is, call her “cute” instead. If she does something to “tease” you, like rub her tits in your face, laugh and say something to show you’re not fazed like, “don’t get too excited, I’m expensive.”

Social Proof

The most attractive thing you can do in a strip club is show that you’re not some weird loser who doesn’t know anybody. The moment you walk in, be friendly and say hi to the staff (the bouncer, the bartender, the bathroom attendant), etc… These are the guys that she depends on to protect her, so if you show you are cool with them, she will feel safe around you. Remember, dancers have hundreds of creepy guy followers, stalkers, and ex boyfriends that cause her to feel threatened on a daily basis.

If nobody knows you, go to the bar, sit down, and buy a fucking drink. Not buying anything is disrespectful to the club and makes you look a little creepy. Talk to the bartender (believe me, they want to have a nice conversation with somebody who isn’t a horny idiot), make the bartender laugh, and establish a rapport. Strip club employees are usually interesting people with great stories. Dancers will think: 1) you are social (strippers are very insecure and afraid of rejection, despite their jobs), and 2) you are ok with spending so it’s not a waste of time to approach.

Non-strippers at the club

Strip clubs are a great place to meet girls that aren’t strippers as well. If a girl is out at a strip club, that probably means she’s open-minded, is open sexually, and is there to party. The challenge is that most women at strip clubs are usually there with guys. In fact, some strip clubs don’t allow single women to come inside because they might be prostitutes looking to drum up business.

Should you pay for a dance?

A lot of “strip club guides” will tell you to never pay for a dance. I disagree. It doesn’t really matter if you pay for a dance or two. It does matter, however, if you spend $300 on a VIP room (which btw, is always a bad deal). A guy who buys a few dances is having fun but a guy who spends a bunch of money in a VIP room is a dumb customer that is getting hustled.

The initial approach

A strip club is unique because the strippers approach you for once (this is also a big reason strippers hate their jobs – they hate having to approach and possibly get rejected).

When she approaches, she will usually strike up a conversation. Act like you are confident, not emotionally invested in her, and normal. If it is a slow night and she thinks you are cool, she will just come sit at your table as a “break” between dances. Also, you need to realize that every moment she spends talking to you is money out of her pocket, so the longer she talks to you, the more she is emotionally investing in you, which will cause attraction if you play your cards right.

When she asks if you want a dance, take that as a shit test and respond my saying something stupid and silly. Example:

Dancer: Hey cutie want a dance

You: Sure sit down (Implying you would be the one giving her a dance).


Dancer: Did you want a dance?

You: Excuse me but I am a God-fearing man, now if you want to sit down and talk about our lord savior Jesus Christ we can do that.

The conversation

The conversation you have with a stripper will be the same as any other conversation you have with a woman. You must:

1) Create comfort/trust – You do this by showing you are a normal guy and not a horny idiot. You also must be less emotionally invested in the interaction than her and show you are not awed by her sexuality.

2) Build connection – you do this by talking about deep things, and finding things that you both have in common.

3) Break rapport – A “break in rapport” is when you say or do something that slightly alters the comfort of the interaction to show her that you are not her “friend” and are not going to be controlled by her. You can break rapport by teasing her, challenging her, disagreeing with her, making her validate herself (“why should I listen to your advice”?), etc… The key to breaking rapport is doing a “benign violation” – where you say something fucked up, but inherently benign. If you actually hurt her feelings or piss her off, she will reject you.

4) Lead the pull - By leading the pull we mean put ideas in her head of what the two of you would be doing together.


You: “So this diner we are going to afterwards has the best pancakes in the city. Do you like pancakes?”

You: “I’d frozen yogurt the shit out of you. Does tomorrow sound good?”

When talking to any girl, you must keep the conversation interesting and fun, but this requirement is heightened with strippers because their entire lives are emotional rollercoasters. There is no topic too crazy or taboo to bring up with a stripper.

Taking her home

Pulling a girl from a strip club is a logistical nightmare. First, she may have to go in the back and “check out” of the club, which may take a while, and you don’t want to be sitting there like a loser waiting for her. She will also not want her coworkers to see her leave with you because they will think she is a hooker. The club may also have policies against strippers leaving with customers.

Instead, make plans with her to meet afterwards in a neutral area such an after party, after hour bars, diner, etc…

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